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Virtual Power plant

A system where consumers and prosumers in a local community can use the local electricity grid to store energy and consume energy accordingly.

In future energy production will be more and more decentralised, electric vehicles will become mainstream. Houses will become smart and all kinds of devices can trade energy smartly: consuming directly or feeding back into the grid.

The EnergyCoin Sharing Economy Ecosystem can facilitate tokens on the blockchain to keep value within Circular Communities.

Circular Communities

When people are connected to the EnergyCoin exchange in order to trade or buy local goods and services in return for solar energy and vice versa.

The EnergyCoin Sharing Economy Ecosystem is much more than automatic trading of specific energy or local energy; it is socially and environmentally aware.

Every member can contribute time or actions for a more sustainable neighbourhood and share the benefit of the local value created together. This can easily be traded between community members.

Innovation and Development

EnergyCoin can provide the Green Engine for innovation and development to grow the Sharing Economy Ecosystem and create new business models to support sustainability.

EnergyCoin Foundation supports Innovation and Development on the platform. Because they are non-profit there is no barrier for adding 'real money' value for new business models. If these business models give returns in a more sustainable environment then funding and support from EnergyCoin Foundation is possible.

New tokens to support the new business model can be issued and communities can build the value proposition together with EnergyCoin Foundation.

Check the website of the EnergyCoin Foundation for more information.

Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles will become mainstream in the near future and can be connected in realtime and autonomously to a decentral Energy Exchange.

The electric cars contribute to the local energy supply of the Virtual Power plant for the Circular Communities and keep the value in the community by selective trading of locally available energy.

In that way electric cars owned by the community or members from the community can contribute to create and preserve value for the community.

Biodiversity and Natural Capital

Traditional economy does not appreciate the real value of Biodiversity and Natural Capital. For EnergyCoin these are the main values our society should be based on.

The EnergyCoin platform allows people being rewarded to protect these essential assets and show their value for humanity. This can be done in many ways like tagging locations of valuable biodiversity assets on the EnergyCoin blockchain with on a mobile app. People contributing to this get rewarded in tokens that can be traded for other assets.

In this way we create Proof of Existence for Biodiversity assets which allows analysing information to protect and improve the environment with Environmental Blockchain Solutions.

Environmental Blockchain Solutions

EnergyCoin is a platform governed by the non-profit EnergyCoin Foundation. They offer the world this platform to create positive environmental value for the Sharing Economy.

A sustainable environment is the most valuable asset of mankind and with Environmental Blockchain Solutions we offer solutions to make value visible, accountable and tradeable between participants and stakeholders. We can reward people who contribute to positive environmental impact.

For instance; we reward people for cycling short distances with Smart Cycling Contracts so they can exchange the collected value for goods and services in their Circular Community.

Smart Cycling Contracts

An application on the EnergyCoin Blockchain rewards people for taking the bicycle instead of a car.

The reward can be used to pay for goods and services on the EnergyCoin platform which contribute to the Sharing Economy.

The benefits for not taking the car for transportation are numerous and often not only for the people who are cycling. With 10% less car traffic during a rainy day there are hardly any traffic jams and no lost time in them for others. Organisations can reward employees coming to the office by bicycle offering extra time-off for instance. Doing so they save carbon emissions that can be traced and accounted for on the EnergyCoin Blockchain.

Organisations can contribute to a more sustainable environment by rewarding their employees with circular value stored on the EnergyCoin blockchain.

Local Food Production

If people use more locally produced food this has a net positive effect on CO2 emissions and creates value for the local Sharing Economy by keeping funds circulating locally.

EnergyCoin Blockchain can also be used to allow tracking food and ingredients through the whole supply chain. By using local products people contribute to a low carbon society and keep value in the Circular Economy. The products can be tagged and giving rewards if consumed locally. Local products can partly be paid with energy or tokens linked to the EnergyCoin Sharing Economy Ecosystem.

Greenhouse CO​2​ Farming

Local farmers can contribute to capturing CO2 and store it in soil and crops.

This value will be increasingly recognised once the CO2 price will represent the real detrimental effects emissions have on our environment. It is a method to make CO2 capturing accountable and tradable between various participants in the EnergyCoin Sharing Economy Ecosystem.

For instance a local painter can claim to work CO2 neutrally by collecting these assets from customers when they pay their invoice and give those assets back to farmers. Those farmers can now also claim to work more environmentally friendly and contribute value to the Circular Communities.

Decentralized Energy Production

Fossil fuels and their CO2 emissions need to be, and are increasingly being replaced by more and more decentralized non-fossil-fuel based energy production.

With the EnergyCoin Sharing Economy Ecosystem we can provide economic incentives to make local communities more sustainable and carbon neutral. We offer a platform to create value from nature in a really sustainable way.

We make the environment the economy and contribute to more sustainable ways of living for mankind. We can increasingly ignore value created in the linear economy. Circular Communities become more self supporting by adopting the EnergyCoin Sharing Economy Ecosystem.

Local Biofuel Production

Biofuel can be produced from collected organic material and organic waste, and can be used in local economies.

The EnergyCoin Blockchain can be used to track the whole value-chain and all its separate components and transactions, so the quality of all sources is guaranteed and no energy is wasted due to long distance transportation.

This part of the ecosystem needs more development in the near future.

Ecosystem Services

Nature delivers ecosystem services; for these complex relations the Environmental Blockchain Solutions of EnergyCoin can serve as an intermediary to create value for all contributors.

For instance; pollination by bees, which is essential for sustainable agriculture and farmers, can be provided by flowering corridors around fields. Beekeepers can get rewards from crop farmers if they support the ecosystem for bees. They both benefit from the sharing ecosystem and save money otherwise spent on pesticides.

Another example is purification and collection of rainwater in natural bassins in Circular Communities. This increases value for nature and people. We live and learn from nature and give value back by supporting sustainable behaviour.

About GeoJan

Geo Jan is a visionary social entrepreneur offering sustainable environmental solutions.

Geo Jan works with business partners and non-profit organisations to make the world a better place for man and nature. He offers and develops applications for The Circular Sharing Economy, together with partners. Focus are projects with social and environmental impact.

Tools Geo Jan uses are: Geo-Information in combination with digital encryption techniques like blockchain and tangle.

Geo Jan is member of the board of EnergyCoin Foundation and business developer for EnergyParty. EnergyParty is the decentral Energy Exchange on EnergyCoin blockchain and managed by EnergyCoin Foundation.


Questions? Looking for more info? Feel free to contact Jan Clement. Jan will gladly brainstorm with you about the possibilities of the EnergyCoin Sharing Economy EcoSystem.